Why did Jeremy and you decide to take part in Temptation Island?

“It was more of a joke to us, really. We watched last year’s season and were amazed that everybody was cheating on each other. We thought that we could do better. We had never expected to be cast, however. Looking back, I think that we were selected precisely because we were such a strong couple – it would be all the more devastating if one of us made a mistake. Luckily, we knew beforehand that we would not be unfaithful, and this turned out to be true.”

What do the people around you think of your participation in the programme?

“My parents were against it initially. They did not feel it was a good idea for me to test my relationship through a television programme, also because they knew that Jeremy had in fact nothing to prove; we have always been a strong couple. My fellow students are generally interested in the story, but they do not say anything about it to my face. I do feel that they might be talking about it behind my back and that they think it is weird.”

Did you feel that the programme makers were stirring up trouble on purpose?

“I did a bit. The images of us sitting around the campfire were heavily manipulated, for instance, so that your partner in the other resort would start to doubt. Furthermore, you are in a beautiful place with nice people and alcohol, which can also make you doubt your relationship. I noticed that the programme makers tried to saddle me with a specific image. They tried to portray me as a dominant person, even though that is not who I really am. I also noticed that they were really trying to push me so that there would be footage of me and seducer Matthew. The programme makers asked me several times a day whether I could go and have a chat with him or if he could come into my room. Whenever I said a single word to him, the cameras instantly spun around in an attempt to get some exciting footage of us.”

Have you been getting a lot of publicity since you participated in the programme?

“Yes, a lot. Especially on social media. My Instagram account has gone from 1000 to over 200,000 followers and I am getting a lot of offers. These offers mainly concern Botox treatments, breast or buttock augmentation – after getting these, I would have to promote them on Instagram. If you are looking to get some cosmetic surgery done, you should definitely sign up for Temptation Island!”

How do you look back on the whole Temptation Island kerfuffle?

“I have mixed feelings. I think I hugely underestimated the impact that it would have. When I am walking down the street, at a festival or going out, people are constantly asking me for pictures, which can be exhausting. I have noticed that my fellow students leave me be on campus, which is nice. My study results also started deteriorating somewhat when the episodes were first broadcast, because of all the attention I was receiving. Before the start of the programme, I always used to get very good marks, but they have dwindled a bit.”

And finally: would you advise other couples to participate in Temptation Island?

“Yes and no. Jeremy and I are the only couple that got through Temptation Island without either of us cheating on the other and we are a stronger couple for it. Our bond has become extra special because of our taking part in the programme. If your relationship is strong enough, I would say: go for it. It is a free holiday that also allows you to make some extra money afterwards, thanks to product placement and club bookings. If you are unsure about your relationship, I would definitely advise against participating, as that would surely end in tears.”