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4 questions about the University Council elections

Between 18 and 25 April, some faculties will be holding elections to decide who will have…

Students from the ESSB are entitled to two seats on the University Council. In the elections, Florence Schaatsbergen got the most votes (314), winning one of the two seats. For the second seat, it’s between Psychology student Sumeyye Polat and Sociology student Julie van Putten.

According to Marijke Poppelaars, deputy secretary of the Central Polling Station, this is the first time in the history of the University Council that lots will have to be drawn, so some improvisation will be involved. Poppelaars explains that the draw will take place by writing the names of the candidates on two pieces of paper and putting them into a hat. President of the Polling Station, Job van Maurik, will pick out one paper. “This will take place in the presence of the candidates and two witnesses, the secretary and deputy secretary of the Polling Station,” says Poppelaars. A date for the draw has not yet been chosen.

Turnout slightly higher

This year, the turnout percentage for the elections for the student representatives on the University Council was slightly higher than last year: on average 12.2 percent of students who could vote. Last year, that was 10.3 percent. Compared with other universities, turnout for elections is very low in Rotterdam. The University Council is preparing to propose a change to the way the elections are organised next year.

Of the faculties that could vote, turnover at the ESSB was the highest: 15.9 percent. Erasmus School of Law did less well: only 10.6 percent of the students took the trouble to vote. ESE and Medicine were in between. No elections took place in the other faculties because there were only one or less candidates available for each seat.

Elected council members

The following students were elected in the University Council:

Erasmus School of Economics: J.D. Dingenouts, A.A.M Abdullatif

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences: F.J. Schaatsbergen, S.Polat or J.D.S. van Putten

Erasmus MC: N. El Manouzi, Eva Meier

Erasmus School of Law: N. Djankov, R.D. Adu

Elected without elections:

Rotterdam School of Management: J. van der Burgt, L.C. van Laar

Philosophy: F.W. Wijker

Erasmus School of History, Communication and Culture: Vacancy