The renovation of the Tinbergen Building (which houses the Erasmus School of Economics, among other organisations) will commence in January 2019. It is a major job that will take about two years to be completed.

Life on campus will be significantly affected by the work to be carried out. A part of the campus will have to be cordoned off in order to allow for safe demolition and construction activities. One of the first things to be done as part of this project will be the conversion of the pond near the University Library into an access road for heavy-duty vehicles.

Open water

Tomorrow (17 April), an approved company will empty the pond of fish. This autumn – following the breeding season – the pond will be filled with concrete. The fish that have been caught – according to the Marketing and Communications department, they are mostly carp (cyprinus carpio), although their number is presently unknown – will be released in open water in the Alblasserwaard polder, in consultation with a recreational fishing club.