The incident is believed to involve two separate thefts from the safe in the association’s boardroom, with a total of 3,000 euro being purloined. The association does not wish to either confirm or deny the precise location, amount or frequency of the thefts: “This is an internal matter. We don’t want it to become public knowledge where we store our valuables,” explains EUCSA chair Marco Capitanio (20).

According to Capitanio, not a day goes by without the board members thinking of the incident. “This theft gave us a huge scare as the board, and we have filed a report with the police. We’ve taken targeted measures in consultation with EUC staff to prevent this from happening again.” Capitanio does not want to go into which concrete measures have been taken.


The association board has also informed EUC’s administrators. Director Job van Maurik says that he was shocked hearing about the incident. As far as he knows, nothing like this has ever happened before at EUC. “We tried to determine how this could happen with the aid of CCTV recordings, but to no avail. We have advised the association to leave less cash behind in their boardroom from now on.”

The EUC building can only be entered with an access card, which is issued to students, EUC staff members and support staff. Which doesn’t necessarily mean that the thief comes from EUC’s own ranks. Van Maurik: “In principle, a person without an access card can simply walk in right behind someone who does have a card.”

The incident was brought up during a general meeting and also explained in further detail to the members via email. The police did not want to discuss the specifics of its investigation.