More events at and in the vicinity of the university are listed in the EM agenda.

26 February – Artificial Intelligence Science Café

In this very rapidly evolving society, we are hearing more and more about how algorithms are performing tasks that were once performed by human beings. There is a strong possibility that the care of patients who have a chronic condition will in future be handled by artificial intelligence (AI). The Science Café meeting will focus on the question as to whether AI will become more intelligent than the human doctor. To what extent can AI play a role in solving problems in the current healthcare sector? Will algorithms be able to identify chronic diseases in patients more rapidly than human doctors? Will the advance of AI bring us closer to a utopian healthcare sector or result in a Black Mirror kind of future?

26 februari – Artificial Intelligence Science Café

Science café| Artificial Intelligence: more intelligent than the doctor?

Is Artificial Intelligence more intelligent than the doctor? The central question is that…

7 March – Political discussions

Rotterdam is currently filled with campaign posters of Liveable Rotterdam (Leefbaar Rotterdam) and the Socialist Party. Municipal elections are approaching. In the run-up to these elections, Erasmus University College, in cooperation with OPEN Rotterdam, is hosting a series of four political discussions, the third of which will focus on education and emancipation. For a diverse city like Rotterdam, this subject remains very current. The third meeting will therefore provide an opportunity to explore the myths and realities of female professors and rectors at universities, for example, and discover the views of Rotterdam’s political parties on the matter.

7 maart - The Battle for Rotterdam- Niet lullen maar poetsen?

The Battle for Rotterdam- Niet lullen maar poetsen?

Rotterdam political parties and scientists from the Erasmus University will be discussing…

8 March – Let’s Talk Health, (Wo)men!

During the Let’s Talk Health, (Wo)men! talk show organised by Erasmus University Rotterdam, the focus on International Women’s Day will be on the social, economic, cultural and political efforts and contributions of women. Four inspiring women will share their ideas for greater equality in women’s health. The discussions will focus on organisations like FairFight, a Rotterdam-based organisation that empowers women through martial arts, and subjects like gender-sensitive medicine.

8 maart - Let’s Talk Health, (Wo)men!

Let’s Talk Health, (Wo)men!

On International Women's Day (8 March), the social, economic, cultural and political…