This morning there was a big exam at RSM for about 1,100 students. Most students made it to the exam despite the traffic problems, said Jaco Vink of the exam organization. There was also a smaller exam with about ten participants, who also managed to reach the room, according to Vink. In case students had still missed their exams due to weather circumstances, Vink advises them to contact the Examination Board.

No Finance-1 tonight

For ESE students, the Finance-1 exam was planned tonight, but that will not happen. “We already had contact with the faculty at an early stage, and they considered it too dangerous to have the exam”, says Vink. A new date for the test has not been set.

Vink doesn’t worry about Tuesday. “In the morning there will be an English test for RSM students. I don’t think it is an official exam. Moreover, it’s probably going to rain in the morning, so we don’t expect students to be unable to come to the campus. ”

Open Stage Night

Besides the the ESE exam, the Open Stage Night XL has also been cancelled. That was supposed to take place in the Erasmus Pavilion tonight. According to Frederieke Hoitink of Studium Generale it was ‘unwise’ to let the event go through. “There would have been five bands and then you would also want at least a few hundred people in there. We don’t have our hopes up for that many people to make it in this weather”, says Hoitink. The music event will be moved to January 22nd.