Style. “I’d describe my personal style as natural and simple, but sometimes fun. So the jacket I’m wearing today would be the fun part of the outfit and the rest of it is simple. I got it from ZARA – bright colours and sparkles grabbed my attention. I usually buy clothes from the big stores. I’m that kind of person, someone who’s always cold. So especially in winter, I like to wear warm and comfortable clothes, because I also have to cycle every day.”

School and leisure outfits. “In the Netherlands, we can wear anything we want at university, so I’ve noticed that when I go out in my leisure time, my clothes don’t differ that much. What I may change is my hair, wearing it down, for example. I’d rather dress up for special parties, like my rowing club’s Gala last weekend, for which I wore a dress. Sometimes I also wear heels, but that’s quite rare, considering that I’m 181 cm tall.”

dominique duijnisveld
Image credit: Anna Mazur

Hockey and rowing. “In my hometown, I used to play a lot of hockey and I might join the team here too. When I moved to Rotterdam, I became a member of SKADI rowing club. I practise rowing and I also coach beginners, but that’s only once a week. I joined the club mostly for fun activities and the sense of community there. Fitness is my main form of sport right now. I do it around three times a week. So when I’m socialising with friends, I like to do something relaxing, like eating together and watching films.”

Modelling work and study (im)balance. “Over the past two years, I did a lot of things besides studying. I worked for a model agency, modelling for fashion and beauty brands in different projects, depending on the client. But I had to stop at the beginning of my second year of the Bachelor, because it’s hard to combine this work with studies. Last year didn’t go very well and I failed several courses. Modelling was taking a lot of time, and I had to travel abroad for some jobs, like to Milan and Istanbul. I can’t afford to do that this year. I need to focus on studying. Regarding the future, I’m not sure yet what I want to do, but I don’t think that modelling would be my major career.”

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