The Academic Integrity Committee (CWI) has declared a complaint against a professor of the Rotterdam School of Management admissible.

This means that the committee will investigate the content of the complaint. In order to determine whether a complaint is admissible, the Committee doesn’t look at the content of the complaint, but mainly at its form: is it a clear description of the (suspected) violation of academic integrity, are the necessary supporting documents enclosed, are the name, position and contact details of the complainant correctly mentioned, and hasn’t passed too much time since the violation? The declaration of admissibility does not say anything about the question of possible guilt.

The complaint, submitted by think tank Changerism, concerns an investigation into the desirability of the Netherlands as a location for head offices of multinationals. The research was paid for by several companies, Shell and Unilever being amongst them, but he wouldn’t have mentioned this on the research and on a few subsequent publications.