Boarding school

“I went to boarding school in England for my secondary education, so an English taught programme was an obvious choice. It’s very different from our secondary schools, more like the school in Harry Potter: uniforms, competitions between different houses where pupils live. Half of the pupils were there on a scholarship. So you have to work very hard to keep up. Not everyone gets in, even if you’ve got money.”


“Sometimes, I do miss it. It’s very intense and you get some very close friendships. I hope to get back to the UK soon. I’ll just have to wait and see whether my plans will be affected by Brexit.”


“My dress style is not particularly outspoken; casual and girly, lots of skirts and dresses. As long as I come across as being open, friendly and sporty, that’s fine. I bought this dress from Urban Outfitters in Brussels, where I live with my parents. Before going to London, I grew up in Belgium, interrupted by a period of two years when I went to boarding school in Switzerland – also because I wanted it myself.”