“Today I’m dressed quite casually. I’ve only got a small suitcase with me, so I had to put on what was still clean. Normally I tend to wear more things like chinos with a shirt and a jacket, a bit more businesslike or business casual, if you like.”


“I did my bachelors in Bremen and Marseille. Most of my family are doctors, so I got a lot of information from them. I’d also studied International Management. I was looking for a way to combine those two. I did an internship in the quality department of a hospital and I really liked that. So that’s how I managed to combine the two, resulting in this Master. I know myself and despite my interest in medical subjects, I wouldn’t have been able to go through the medical learning curve. You know, the first three years of medicine studies are all about learning things by heart. That’s not my learning style, so that was out of the question.”


“Not many universities in Germany offer studies like this. I found a few, but they where really expensive or didn’t offer the programme I was looking for. Here in Rotterdam, everything was perfect, so here I am. It’s so much more modern than anything I experienced at home. Especially the facilities aren’t as good there as they are at the Erasmus.”