“I would describe my style as urban, but I also like wearing a traditional jacket – dressing in a slightly more formal style once in a while. I’m from Seoul and you encounter the most extravagant types there. They come in all shapes and sizes. I also often visit Facebook pages that advertise urban style clothing.”


“I’ve been in the Netherlands for two weeks now. I’ve never been here before – I didn’t even visit to learn more about the study I ‘m now enrolled in. Seoul and Korea are very different compared to Rotterdam. It’s busy there and everywhere it’s crowded with people. I was nervous about leaving, especially because of the tensions with North Korea: I don’t know how it’ll be when I return after my studies. Sometimes on the news I would see there was another attack. And recently, I saw a story about a soldier who lost his legs. That’s when you feel the tension in the city escalate, but mostly that’s caused by the media.”

Military service

“Next year I’m going to take a gap year and go back to Seoul to do my military service. It’s compulsory and everyone hates having to do it, including me. The conditions are very demanding and we undergo intensive training. But we have no choice. When I’ve completed my studies I want to be a financial accountant or find work in the banking sector.”

Favourite thing: earring

Hyun Hee-2
Image credit: Ronald van den Heerik

“I always wear earrings. It’s something that’s part of my look. There’s no deeper meaning behind the cross, but it is something that sets me apart from everyone else.”