“I put on these trousers because they go with my shirt, which I’ve just bought. Sometimes I dress girly, and sometimes I’ll be more laddish, like now. I don’t really care what’s on the shirt, as long as it matches the rest. I mainly get my inspiration from Instagram and from videos that I see. I’m wearing these sunglasses because they just happened to be in my bag when the sun came out.”


“Last year, I did Social Work, a higher professional education (hbo) course, which also included some psychology. I found it so interesting, that I decided I wanted to study it. I find it really interesting to study how the brain works and why people behave as they do. If someone has a disorder, I want to know whether it’s related to brain functions or whether it’s learned behaviour, or a combination of the two. I myself had an eating disorder, which I luckily recovered from with the help of my mother who’d experienced it herself when she was young. Having lost control over myself in another area – I like to be in control – I started to control my eating behaviour. I began to eat less and less. But, fortunately, that’s behind me, although it will certainly have contributed to my interest in psychology.”


“I’ve got two tattoos, one portraying the bond with my brother and sister and the other my relief at overcoming my disorder – with the word Bellissima. I’ve got a new, better view of life. And I’m really looking forward to starting my new studies.”

*Charlotte’s surname is known to the editors.