Eight researchers who recently earned their doctorate at Erasmus University Rotterdam have been awarded a Veni grant to a maximum amount of EUR 250,000. Every year the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) awards funding to promising researchers within its Veni grant programme.

Among other things, the Rotterdam research projects approved for funding focus on the relation between love and sex within adolescents’ intimate relationships, the cognitive mechanisms that underlie self-restraint and how students’ initial impressions of a lecturer influence their final scores.

Grants awarded to 14 percent of the applications

The Veni grant scheme offers promising young academics three years’ time to further develop their concepts. It is one of the three funding formats (in addition to Vidi and Vici) that make up NWO’s innovation impulse programme. The Veni grant scheme is geared towards researchers who recently earned their doctoral degree, Vidi is intended for postdoctoral researchers who have already been working for a number of years, while Vici focuses on senior researchers.

A total of 154 recently qualified postdoctoral researchers have been awarded a Veni grant, of whom 87 are male and 67 female. NWO approved 14% of the grant applications that it received this year for funding.