Let’s sound a fanfare. Because Sijf – situated on Oude Binnenweg in a former bike shop and named after the carpenter – is awesome. Brilliant atmosphere, good bitterballen. Always busy, always friendly.

A great address. Always a good option if you’re not sure where to go.

In fact it’s a good option for everyone. The staff are good humoured, which isn’t always the case everywhere. Your reviewer’s waitress was one of the overenthusiastic type. She’d love to go and get the menu so that the guest could order something awesome. Shudder inducing.

This is me: Najwa Azwan

Model girls

The decor looks decades old. Nice though. Art deco it’s called. Even the toilets are timbered. The interior alone makes Sijf worth a visit.

And the punters, all gorgeous! Among the young people, you’ll see a range of types: girl models, boys with medium length hair. And the recent graduates. Young professionals, you could call them. But with a good job. The sort who have a stuffed wallet, over polished face and Happy Socks.

Knitting club

EM_Kroeg Sijf EN

Lots of young people know about Sijf, particularly at the weekend when the party goes on an hour longer – until 2.00 a.m. Mind you, Sijf is primarily a drinking establishment. Somewhere to decadently sip a glass of wine or quietly sup a beer, that kind of thing. The bar stool is to sit on, not to throw around.

And if you want a seat, you should come during the week when there are generally some going. On Friday and Saturday evenings, Sijf is rammed to the rafters.

Then a tip for Saturday afternoons: come and watch the old biddies knitting in their knitting club. Probably making Happy Socks.