This coming Sunday Rotterdam will be in the spotlight when Excelsior is due to play in the usually quiet Kralingen against big brother Feyenoord, which upon victory will assure their first national championship title in eighteen years. As is to be expected, the Stadium and Woudestein campus surroundings will – just as the city centre – be inundated with supporters from the Rotterdam South club.

Together with current and former EUR students, EM is anticipating the national celebrations. Not everyone on campus is as enthused about Sunday, but one thing is a given: Feyenoord will prevail. Barring a solitary lost Excelsior fan, the students are convinced that Feyenoord will hold the trophy aloft on Sunday.

Jenny Venhuizen (32), Media & Society master alumnus

Jenny Venhuizen (links) en Carol Noordam maken alvast een vreugdedans in de aanloop naar zondag. Image credit: Jack Parker

“I can still recall Feyenoord becoming the champions in the 1993/1994 season. As a young girl at the time, I had a crush on left-winger Rob Witsche. This Sunday Feyenoord will be the victors, just as then. If I catch the vibe, I’ll go and watch the match in town. A few colleagues have asked time off to go to the victory celebrations on Monday. I might do this too.”

Tjalling Oosterhuis (21), Criminology

Tjalling Oosterhuis schreeuwt het uit voor zijn club. Image credit: Jack Parker

“Last year’s cup victory was the first real Feyenoord prize I experienced. I was on the Coolsingel at the time, and jumped into the fountain. Which was totally cool! Just like last year, I want to have a party like that on the Stadhuisplein, but it will prove a tricky match on artificial turf. A few years ago AZ blew the championship at Woudestein. But I still think Feyenoord will win.”

Bas Timmermans (24), Innovation Management master

Bas Timmermans kan het zelfs tijdens het studeren niet laten zich uit te dossen als die-hard Feyenoordfan. Image credit: Jack Parker

“Unfortunately I’ve got a hockey match on Sunday, so I’ll have to follow the match on my phone. I haven’t given any thought yet to the outcome, but I’m certain Feyenoord will be the champions on Sunday. I’ll head into town after the match with some mates. Enjoying a beer – or a few – and then to the victory celebrations on Monday. I’ll be jumping into the fountain – of course. Bring it on!”

Michiel Noomen (18), Econometrics

De wanhoop is van het gezicht van Michiel Noomen af te lezen, drie dagen voor de pittige wedstrijd van zijn club tegen koploper Feyenoord. Image credit: Jack Parker

“It’ll be a draw: 2-2. I’m a loyal Excelsior fan, so I’ll be disappointed if Feyenoord wins. If they do, I won’t join in the celebrations. I won’t watch the match, but I might listen to it on the radio.”