Jeffrey loves a good party, Esmeralda is always after some special event, and Manon loves culture. Together they will provide you with two-weekly tips for a cool day or night out in Rotterdam.

Manon’s tip: Keilecafé

It may not be a place you pass daily on your way to other places, but as far as I am concerned, Keilewerf in the Vierhaven neighbourhood will be the place to be in Rotterdam in the first two weeks of May. You see, Keilecafé, a festival (entry free of charge) focusing on art, music and good food, will take place here, 3-14 May. Since there will be something on every day of the week (except Mondays and Tuesdays, when the festival area will be closed), I thought it might be a good idea to share my personal favourites with you! First of all, the vintage market on Sunday, 7 May. Lovers of vintage objects, vinyl, art and design (like myself!) will be able to go on a massive bargain hunt all day while several DJs will be playing good background music. I’ve put Thursday, 11 May, in my diary, as well, because Roffa Mon Amour will put on a film, then, while Keilecafé will provide a matching meal. Last but not least, I will be dancing to dansvoer music from 7pm on Saturday, 12 May. I’ll put on my headphones and dance the night away! Will you join me? Please check out Facebook to see Keilecafé’s complete schedule.

From Wednesday, 3 May to Sunday, 14 May // Keilecafé // Free entry

Jeffrey’s tip: Rotterdam Liberty Festival

On Friday, 5 May (Liberation Day), you will be able to experience liberty at its very best at the Rotterdam Liberty Festival (Vrijheidsfestival) for €15. Laurentius Student Society, in association with Give Soul Event Organisers, will organise this musical trip of wild techno and groovy house music near Woudestein Stadium. The two different genres of music will not be mixed, since the festival will be divided into two separate areas. In this way, techno junkies and house butterflies will not have to mingle. On the techno site, Stranger, Remco Beekwilder, Emiel Zwart and my personal favourite, ROD, will crank up the BPM. On the other side of the festival area, Chris Stussy (among others) will operate the turntables, playing slightly less wild and slightly more cheerful music. So be sure to buy your ticket soon and prepare a nice and summery outfit. I’ll make sure it will be sunny out there!

Friday, 5 May // Woudestein Stadium // €15

Esmeralda’s tip: TREK Festival

Just imagine. It’s a sunny day, you’re soaking up the rays in the park, you have some music playing from a small speaker, you’re in good company, and you actually remembered to bring your sunglasses. In short, you’re having a great time. Until you start getting peckish. Yeah, it’s great, spending a day in the park, but it can be hard to find good food nearby, and you’re never quite organised enough to bring a full picnic hamper. Fear not – the TREK Festival is the perfect solution. Visit Vroesenpark any time between 11 and 14 May and you will have your thirst quenched and your hunger satiated. What could be better than being entertained by young theatre makers and intimate live performances while the nearest food truck is just two steps away? Your only expenses will be €2.50 for a glass which you will keep re-using throughout the festival, and whatever meals and drinks you end up buying, obviously.

From Thursday, 11 May to Sunday 14 May (inclusive) // Vroesenpark// Free entry