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The outsiders

All those students of the school next door (the Hogeschool Rotterdam) in Polak are driving me mad. Why are they allowed to come and read their schoolbooks here anyway?
Tom Fransen, Rotterdam

Shame on you, Tom. Their books can be quite hard, you know! The fact that students of the Hogeschool Rotterdam read in your beloved Polak building is because EUR doesn’t actively discourage outsiders. Yes, the study environment is intended for EUR students, but no, the university isn’t planning to check student passes at the entrance. “That would impact on our own students too and furthermore it doesn’t reflect how we want to behave towards each other,” says a spokesperson. “Moreover, we don’t have the impression that very large numbers of students of the school next door are involved.”

And before you suddenly see red at Donald Duck readers in the renovated University Library: these students are allowed in here too, even though the building is intended for students and staff at EUR. Fortunately, both EUR and the Hogeschool Rotterdam are continuing to expand their study facilities, the spokesperson reassures us. “Until 2018, EUR is working on doubling the number of study places on campus. With more than 100 opening hours a week, we already make maximum use of the existing study places.”

Found your knight in shining armour yet?

I recently saw your video about Tinder use on campus. But …is the presenter, Liz, also on Tinder by any chance?
Just out of interest, for a friend …

For anyone who missed it: Erasmus Magazine regularly posts videos online in which we talk to students about current issues. The host is Liz, short for Elisabeth Berntsen. This gorgeously radiant blond Norwegian has already turned the head of many an interview candidate, so, your ‘friend’ is in good company with his interest. She recently asked lots of people about their use of Tinder, but didn’t say whether you can give her a super like too. Bad news: you can’t. “No, I’m not on Tinder or any other dating app, because I’ve already found my knight in shining armour!”