When you’re reading this, I’ve been in the U.S.A. for a couple of days now and I’ll probably have left Washington and be on my way to New York City. Let me tell you one thing: I love Americans. I love everything about them, and the best thing might be their politeness. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Americans as well at times, especially their pathological tendency to put sugar in everything. I mean, that chicken avocado burrito is nice as it is, why would you want to put sugar in that? (Note: this was a joke).

The trip to the USA was quite good. No problems during the flight, I watched a couple of tv-shows and it turned out they had La La Land in their entertainment collection. So of course I watched it for the millionth time. After an eight hour flight, a couple of hours through customs and baggage retrieval, I finally got the chance to see the sun again and have some fresh air.

No, humongous

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Bij het Capitool.

And by fresh air I mean smoke a cigarette because twelve hours without the necessary nicotine does something to a person (yes, I know smoking isn’t cool anymore). After we arrived at the hotel, we all planned to go for dinner. Five minutes later, everybody gave up and we went to Chipotle.

Another thing typical to America: everything is huge. You think a burrito is like a timid meal you can enjoy. But no, this thing was humongous. I had to give everything to finish it. The worst part of it all, is that in the middle of the night I woke up with this roaring hunger.

Running at night

And that brings me to the one thing I might have underestimated a bit too much: the jetlag. On the first morning I woke up at 4:30 wide awake. There was no chance I could fall asleep anymore. The same was for my fellow delegate and also roommate. We decided to go for a run and it was actually a good run. We ran about four kilometers and got to see Washington in the earliest of morning. It was beautiful.

Of course my stay in Washington wasn’t all pleasure. We did a few cool study-related things as well! We went to visit the Capitol, got a tour and I finally found out how the American political system really works (it still hurts my head when I think about it). Naturally, we walked by the White House as well.

Biggest anticlimax

And let me tell you something about the White House: it was the biggest anticlimax I have ever seen. I just cannot deal with how big the anticlimax was. But I try to let things go in life. We also did a self-organized tour of all the monuments, by night! This was after I walked 25 kilometers that day so I may sound happier at this moment than I actually was then. We also visited Georgetown and Arlington. Apparently Arlington is in a different state. You should have seen my face when I saw the sign ‘Welcome to Virginia’.

But I really can’t complain. My stay in Washington has been really good and I love it. My next blog will take a bit longer than the first two, but it’ll be good. Until next time, my dear reader!

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