A computer, two cameras and a computer component were stolen in a burglary in the office of Cedo Nulli, the study society affiliated with the Faculty of Social Sciences. The society’s office is situated on the fifteenth floor of the Mandeville Building.

A spokeswoman for the police stated in an e-mail that the perpetrators “forced open the door with brute force”, which is to say that the door was kicked in. The burglary took place on Friday, 24 March, between 17:00 and 19:25.

'Spullen zijn vervangbaar'

In a response to EM, the study society indicated that the burglary had shocked them, but that they were relieved, too: “Despite the fact that the door was kicked in, the perps thankfully left our office intact.” As for the stolen goods, Cedo Nulli said, “Of course, these can be replaced, so despite the fact that we have received a bit of a setback, we will be able to continue our work as usual.”

It is too soon for the police to say whether they have identified any suspects. The investigation into the burglary is still ongoing. The study society trusts that EUR and the police “will do their best to find the perpetrators”.