Most faculties have something to elect during this year’s university council elections. Only the small Faculty of Philosophy has exactly enough candidates for the number of available seats: one.

In total, 27 students made themselves available for the elections. That’s slightly more than last year’s historic low (22), but less than the year before (34). Unlike last year, Erasmus MC and ESHCC now do have something to elect.

Traditionally, there is less for staff to elect. Generally, the number of candidates exactly matches the number of seats. That’s the case this year too. An exception is Erasmus School of Law, where three candidates are contending one seat.

New round of votes

Rotterdam School of Management and the International Institute for Social Studies (ISS) are both one candidate short. When there is a shortage of candidates, two months after the elections, a new round of votes is organised, on condition that there is the possibility of a candidate being elected.

This year’s university council elections will be held from 18 to 25 April.