‘Contract research’, i.e. all research whose funding does not come directly from the government, is becoming increasingly important for Erasmus University. This appears from an analysis of the university’s annual accounts.

This concerns research funding which is nearly always related to a project or person, for example NWO subsidies, charitable funds and projects for industry. In 2015, the university earned nearly 120 million euros (including research assets from Erasmus MC and the various university companies) from this type of research.

Industry projects

Projects for industry generated 25.6 million euros. All the faculties conduct contract research, but the type of client varies considerably. For example, Philosophy and ESHCC generate very little income from research performed for industry and a great deal from NWO funding. By contrast, the iBMG and Erasmus MC do a lot of research for companies.

In a series, EM is charting the links between the university and industry. Why does the university perform contract research? Where does the money go to? And how do you prevent toilet duck scenarios? In EM #7 and here online you can read all about contract research