Have you always wanted to try the autonomous vehicles that travel from Kralingse Zoom but have never done so because you have no reason to be in Capelle aan den IJssel? Good news, because in a few years you will probably be able to take these futuristic vehicles to campus.

ParkShuttles have been operating on a lane that is closed to other traffic since 1999. While the current route runs from Kralingse Zoom to Rivium business park in Capelle aan den IJssel, if things go to plan, the vehicles should be travelling a further 300 metres to Zalmhuis at the foot of the Van Brienenoord bridge in 2020. The plan is also for the driverless vehicles to be travelling as part of all the other traffic rather than on a dedicated lane. The municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel and developer 2getthere say that it will be a world first.

Erasmus University

And it will not only be a further few hundred metres. If the trips in all the other traffic go well, the vehicles will also be travelling in the direction of Erasmus University Rotterdam. The parties involved will discuss the actual route and planning later this year. There is therefore a very good chance that, in a few years, it will no longer be necessary to walk to campus.