Sarah Ruigrok. Image credit: Ronald van den Heerik

Style “My style in three words is: different, pop and colour-coordinated. What I mean by pop is crackling, you know. It’s really important to me to still be stylish whilst wearing something completely different that sets my outfit apart. I’m not going to wear something crazy or too flamboyant – I still want to feel beautiful whatever I wear. Comfort is also important to me, but you’ll never see me at uni wearing tracksuit bottoms.”

Fashion “I’d love to pursue a career in fashion – if you couldn’t tell already, I’m really into fashion. I’ve joined the New Fashion Society on campus; I’m in the seminar team. We take care of organising and keeping contacts with possible speakers at our events. I’ve always had an eye for fashion, ever since I was a kid. I remember looking at my mum and spotting anything new she would wear.”

IBCoM “Within the world of fashion, I’d pursue a career in the marketing or PR department. I love IBCoM because it gives a good balance of communication sciences and creative business. This academic year, I can choose my preferred specialisation. I haven’t taken a fashion course because I’m interested in managing rather than the creative part. I feel like fashion degrees only teach you how to become a designer.”


Favourite thing

Phone (case) “My favourite object has to be my phone. Not really the model, but rather the fact that it’s a mobile phone. I love having my phone around as I’m always connected with my friends and I have almost anything I need on it. Diary, calendar, entertainment, emails. I also love the phone case I’m using at the moment. It’s from Blond Amsterdam, the eye-catching colours make it super nice to me. It pops, just like my style.”