Style: “Minimalism is the style that most resembles my personal taste. I like to stick to one colour palette, usually composed of neutral colours. The must have staples in my wardrobe are a bomber jacket, boyfriend-fit jeans, culottes like the ones I’m wearing today and white sneakers. I do follow trends, but some of them don’t conform to my religious beliefs. So I reinvent them to make them wearable for me.”


Male clothing: “I prefer buying clothes from the men’s department in shops. My dad used to shop for me there, so I guess he passed on the habit. I like that androgynous vibe, not being able to tell someone’s sex, fascinating. I feel a slight air of judgment when I shop in the men’s clothing department. I’ve been told at the checkout more than once: ‘These are men’s clothes, you know.’”

South Korea: “I’ve moved to South Korea to study Politics. Initially, I wanted to study Psychology, but what I wanted more was to be in Asia. Studying in South Korea allows me to go beyond Western culture, which is also reflected in the way we study and approach Politics. Picking South Korea was a way to challenge myself, to see how I would act in a country that is far from being a melting pot.”

Favourite thing: “The object that I’m most attached to at the moment is my black Swatch. I’ve become attached to it simply because of its practicality. I lived all over the place as a kid which gave me this feeling of always living out of a suitcase. Moving often never really left space for owning something for a long period of time. Over the years, my watch became essential to me, as part of my wardrobe as well as my daily clothing routine.”