By the end of this year, these universities are required to hire 100 additional female professors, said Minister of Education, Culture and Science Jet Bussemaker Wednesday in de Volkskrant newspaper.

The Minister is earmarking five million euro to be used for appointing associate professors to the position of professor over the next five years. After this period, the universities will be responsible for the continued financing of these chairs. This idea is an extra measure to earlier agreements in place for increasing the number of female professors by 2020 (Erasmus University has pledged that one in four professors will be female by 2025).

‘Talent is being wasted’

On Wednesday Minister Bussemaker wrote to the House of Representatives regarding her policy for scientific talent. She feels that universities are wasting talent and losing talented candidates. Examples of this include the lack of career advancement among female students or doctoral candidates, migrants, and young researchers who increasingly receive short contracts offering little job stability. “The age distribution at universities is disproportionate”, said Bussemaker.

‘More recognition for teaching’

Bussemaker also advocates more recognition for talented teachers. “The primary task of universities is to educate young people to become responsible, creative citizens. I believe it is important that in addition to research, teaching is also given the recognition it deserves in the organisation and in career paths at universities.”