Jeffrey is mad about parties, Esmeralda is always looking for unusual happenings and Manon loves culture. Every two weeks, these three students give you the best tips for a great day or evening out in Rotterdam.


Jeffrey’s tip: Ten Walls Equalized Tour

In the summer of 2015, we were convinced that Ten Walls had ruined his career after posting his seriously homophobic views on Facebook. Within less than 24 hours, he’d turned from being a techno hero into the most hated man on the web. Many apologies followed, but to no avail. Now, a good year and a half later, the DJ’s fans feel that he’s been punished enough for his misdemeanour. His first tour after the incident is in full swing and he’s bringing his new music to the world, from Asia to Toffler Rotterdam. Let’s all forgive and forget, because, to be honest, his music is good. If you don’t believe me, click on the orange play button below. Bet you’ll be dancing to his soft, deep sounds on 20 January!

Friday 20 January // Toffler // 17.50 euros


Esmeralda’s tip: International Film Festival Rotterdam

It was at secondary school that I was first confronted with it: the International Film Festival Rotterdam. You could make a film and if you were good enough, you were sent to the Festival. As I wasn’t particularly good at filming, it didn’t interest me very much. But later, I actually helped the Festival! Not as a film producer, but serving at a party in the Citizen M hotel on the Oude Haven (almost the same). And that’s why I’m telling you that, as long as you’re a film fan, you really mustn’t miss this. And you certainly mustn’t miss the opening party! That’s on 25 January in de Doelen and in Pathé. I love a dance and this is a bit different than a conga in Beurs, so I’ll be there! Will you?

Wednesday 25 January // De Doelen & Pathé // 10 euros


Manon’s tip: Peter Lindbergh special tour

This is for all of us fans of photography! On Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 January, the legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh is in the Kunsthal to give a tour around his own exhibition Peter Lindbergh. A Different Vision on Fashion Photography. Peter Lindbergh has been in this profession for a long time and, even at the age of 72, still takes some brilliant shots. His black-and-white images not only inspire me, but many others too. Of course, the exhibition itself is obviously worth seeing, but even better when the man himself is there to tell the stories behind the photos. With a normal admission ticket of 12 euros, you can join the tour. But make sure that you register in time at [email protected]. You’ll find the tour times here.


Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 January // Kunsthal Rotterdam // 12 euros