A posh douchebag who clearly enjoyed the happy hour is returning his drinks to society in a less liquid form. It is unclear if the douchebag took part in the burger challenge, which involves gorging yourself on a 750gr burger and a pound of chips over the course of half an hour. It is, however, reminiscent of the years Amigos could be found here at Oostzeedijk, selling cheap tapas.

concordia 7

That was over a year ago, though. These days, the café continues to look Mexican-ish. For instance, the gentlemen’s room caters to caballeros, and guests dine in a Narcos-like setting. However, the quality of the food has improved (which, admittedly, did not take much). And another bonus: burgers cost less than €10.

These are mere details, though. Tonight, your reviewer is here to attend a pub quiz. He has come at the right time, as, for the first time ever, the quiz – which is held once every two months and for which a small entry fee is levied – is not insanely difficult. Having received some complaints, staff have opted for a new list of questions. So there might actually be some hope for me.

Wall of fame

concordia 6

Anyhow, such pub quizzes turn out to attract a certain kind of crowd, which mostly consists of international students. So, obviously, the quiz is in English. It is also attended by the inevitable clever clogs with glasses, high foreheads and even higher intelligence quotients.

Needless to say, there are show-offs, too. People whose names are all over the wall of fame – oh, the honour! – and who really like to remind others of this fact. People who join their groups at their tables, point at the leader board and say, “We’ll be on that board for the sixth time in a bit.”

Winking and a Toothpaste smile

EM_Kroeg Concordia EN

It is making for a sultry atmosphere. The quiz is turning out to be a guys’ thing, but thankfully, there are two foreign ladies who think they can score points by winking and showing off dazzling toothpaste smiles.

We are told to remove our phones from the table – an interesting experience in itself. What follows is a barrage of questions which, despite everything, continues to be insanely difficult. It goes on for about three hours. At the halfway point there is a sudden happy hour. A clever idea, because being miserable makes one thirsty.

I totally recommend this place. However, do check out the wall of fame first to see if you actually stand a chance of winning. Or teach yourself that Adolf Hitler killed himself at age 56. That’s another way to go about it.