The Tinbergen Building is up for a facelift. The contract for the renovation design has been awarded to the architects of Cepezed. These artist’s impressions give an idea of what the renovated building will look like.

EUR has contracted the Delft-based firm of Cepezed to ‘bring the building in line with current technical and functional requirements’. An important aspect in this context is that the building’s existing monumental qualities are preserved. Built in 1970, the Tinbergen Building ‘continues to exude the atmosphere of Brutalist functionalism steeped in the 1960s tradition,” according to the architects. Later additions (such as the section connecting the Tinbergen Building and the Theil Building, which currently serves as EFR’s home base) will be removed.

Air and space

Still, Cepezed will also be updating a number of aspects. For example, the new interior will have ‘more air and space’. The different floors will be connected by means of a spacious mezzanine and a number of staircases. In addition, the building will gain a new main hall that features a coffee bar, an information point, study areas and a restaurant. This will also add to the building’s presentation value. Other important focus areas in the upcoming renovation are improvements to the building’s HVAC system and sustainability features.

Work on the renovation is scheduled to start in May 2018.