Jeffrey is mad about parties, Esmeralda is always looking for unusual happenings and Manon loves culture. Every two weeks, they give you the best tips for a great day or evening out in Rotterdam.


Esmeralda’s tip: MTV Popquiz

When I realised that I’d missed the boat for tickets for the presentation of the actual MTV Awards, I felt really depressed. There went the most fun event at the beginning of November. I felt even worse when I heard that my huge idol, Bruno Mars, was coming all the way to the Netherlands for the show. Many of you must have felt the same. But, don’t despair! Because there are lots more events this week, with the MTV Popquiz certainly among the best. Obviously, tickets will sell just as fast, but you can still register for the quiz on Wednesday 2 November! From 8.30 p.m., clips from the nominees for the MTV EMA, along with those from the 1980s and 90s, will fly around in Rotown. So you can still be a small part of it, for 5 euros per team. Watch out, though, because I win!

Wednesday 2 November // Rotown // 5 euros


Jeffrey’s tip: REC. Festival in Central District Rotterdam

As Esmeralda has already mentioned, MTV is holding its MTV Music Week in Rotterdam at the beginning of November. So during that week, our beloved city will be music capital of the world. A very interesting event this week is the REC. Festival, which is taking place in the Central District of Rotterdam from Friday 6 November to Sunday 8 November. At this festival, the successful individual clubs will be combined to create a real festival village at the heart of Rotterdam.

The best thing is that you can actually take all your friends with you, because the lyrics of the well known song ‘Nee, ik ga niet mee want ik vind de muziek stom’ [No, I’m not going because I don’t like the music] really don’t apply here. The organisers have done absolutely everything to completely blur the concept of ‘genre’ during this festival. While in one area, the air is filled with disco beats and house riffs, in the other area loud hip-hop sounds will be coming your way. The only disadvantage of this one-off event is the price of the tickets, which are 40 euros. So put aside some of last weekend’s student loan or drink a little less beer over the next few weeks.


Friday 4 November to Sunday 6 November // Central District Rotterdam // 40 euros


Manon’s tip: Art evening: Witte de With

Start the evening with a drink at the Witte de With; I’m sure every student occasionally begins their Friday evening this way. But did you know that besides going to a pub, you can visit one of several galleries in Witte de Withstraat? Because every Friday evening is art evening in the Witte de With district. On Friday 4 and 11 November, from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m., you have free admission to the Showroom MAMA, TENT and Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art. At the moment, there’s an amazing exhibition by Anouk Griffioen in TENT. This Rotterdam-based artist makes huge, surreal charcoal drawings which reveal more and more content by the second. The highlight of the exhibition must be the 22(!) metre long charcoal drawing. Yes, you’ll need some time to take it all in. And after the art and culture, there’s still time for that drink around the corner.

Friday 4 & 11 November // Witte de Withstraat // Free admission