During the student association Tragos’ hazing activities prospective members were forced to drink a hot beverage, resulting in burns to the tongue. The association has received a suspended sanction from Maastricht University.

According to the university, Tragos violated a number of rules. “Students were forced drink some kind of concoction that was served much too hot for consumption.” In another case a girl bruised her ankle following “reckless behaviour” by a senior student, and prospective members were deprived of sleep for a far too long period of time, reports Observant, the university paper.

Rector threatens to withdraw student representative grants

Tragos committee members have admitted to the incidents. It had already been revealed that first-years were prohibited from saying anything about hazing practices, in violation of university regulations.

Rector Rianne Letschert, who is also responsible for the student affairs portfolio, decided to hand down a conditional sanction. If the association commits one more offence this year, then one-third of their student representative grant (eight-thousand euro) will be withdrawn.


The student association must now write an introspective self-reflection piece on “the purpose of the introductory period and appropriate behaviour and activities during this time”. This will be followed by a “candid meeting” with the Executive Board.

Over the past few weeks there has been a great deal of commotion regarding hazing practices. At hazing activities organised by the Amsterdam student society Amsterdamse Studentencorps, three prospective members ended up in the hospital. In another hazing-related case a first-year student pressed assault charges against the Groningen-based student association Vindicat.