Jeffrey loves parties, Esmeralda likes to attend festivals, and Manon loves culture. Once every fortnight, the three of them will provide you with their best tips for a nice day or night out. This time: techno at the Maas Silo, World Food Day and the KINO opening.


Esmeralda’s tip: World Food Day

Would you like to explore some Rotterdam cuisine? Would you like to see, ‘at the source’, where the products you find in your supermarket actually come from? Or do you wish to make yourself heard in one of several talk shows about, for instance, the dearth of food in the world? You can do all these things in and around Rotterdam on Sunday, 16 October 2016!

As part of World Food Day, my hometown will be presenting its best multi-cultural food, with Schouwburgplein being the beating heart of the festivities. From 10 a.m. you will be able to enjoy all sorts of Rotterdam bites, as well as some lovely afrobeats. Even I, a born and bred Rotterdammer, think it’s going to be brilliant, because I don’t know all the cultures represented in my city, nor their cuisines. And I think it’s just amazing to be offered the opportunity to attend a cooking course taught by none other than Rudolph van Veen. Perhaps he’ll be able to give me some tips on how to prepare fish? Whatever the case, I’m definitely going to have a look. How about you?

Sunday, 16 October // Schouwburgplein and surrounding streets // No entry fee


Jeffrey’s tipt Glow in the Dark ‘Halloween Special’ in the Maas Silo

If you ask me what I think would be a good entry-level party for beginner house and techno music lovers, I’ll say, “Glow in the Dark”. This party seems designed to introduce first-year students to Rotterdam nightlife in a playful manner. The music played at the Silo will be both highly varied and very accessible, since each of the three stages will play a different type of music. For instance, techno will be played on the Voodoo stage, deep house on the Braaf stage, and future house on the main stage. This very last ever edition of Glow in the Dark will take place on Friday, 28 October in the Maas Silo, and if you buy your tickets now, they will only cost € 17.50. I’ll see you there!

Friday, 28 October // Maas Silo // Entry € 17.50


Manon’s tip: KINO Rotterdam opening

Going to the movies is always a good way to spend a Friday evening. If you’ve already seen all the latest blockbusters, I’d advise you to go to an arthouse cinema for a change. Take, for instance, the brand new KINO arthouse cinema, which will formally open its doors in Rotterdam’s city centre on 21, 22 and 23 October. Treat yourself to a great documentary, a real classic or, as I like to do, a beautiful arthouse film. As well as showing films, KINO is a bar and a restaurant. In short, it’s a great location for a festive opening. No one has the foggiest yet what the opening weekend will entail, but I trust it will involve lovely drinks and excellent movies, which is exactly what I’ll need in the blustery autumn weather to come.



21, 22 and 23 October // Schouwburgplein and surroundings. // No entry fee