While queuing at the campus Starbucks, I can’t help but notice a tall, blond girl sporting a black silk camisole underneath her black leather jacket. Her name is Lisanne, a 19 year old student from Vlaardingen who is in her second year studying Business Administration.

Lisanne de Hoop
Lisanne de Hoop.

Style. “I get inspired by fashion shows and runways. I really enjoy following the Fashion Weeks, especially because there are lots of Dutch models in the shows who I look up to style-wise. The Hadid sisters are both an inspiration for me. Bella, the youngest, has a really cool style. What I like about her is that she mixes feminine clothes with tomboy items which I do too. If I had to describe my style in one word, it would be unique.”

Formula 1. “It might sound weird for a girl, but I love watching Formula 1 Grand Prix races. Everything involved in the sport and the races fascinates me. The mechanics, the latest news and rumours really intrigue me. Now that Max Verstappen is competing at that level, I’m glad that we finally have a good Dutch driver I can support. My passion for this sport stems from my dad – he’s the one who got me interested.”

Yoga. “I love watching and doing sports, particularly yoga. I’ve been going to classes in my home town since last year. There are different types of yoga, but the one I follow is a mix of hot yoga and core-focused exercises. It’s quite brutal – very demanding and relaxing at the same time. Yoga has helped me improve my balance and it’s definitely a way to unwind after a stress-packed day.”

Golden rings. “An object that I feel emotionally attached to are certainly my gold rings. I wear them every day and I really think they are my lucky charms. One has a little diamond in the middle and was given to me by my dad when I left school. The other ones were my gran’s. I received them when she passed away and I cherish them so much.”