When Asmara Smit (18) sees the black city bike, she immediately asks: “May I have the receipt?”. That might sound slightly ungrateful, but there’s a less sinister reason for her question. To insure the bike, she needs a receipt, to prevent her being left empty-handed again if someone steals her bike.

The psychology student can now laugh about it, but at the time it was rather a downer: “I was still in such a euphoric mood from Eureka week. All those fun activities and the lovely people I’d met. At the end of Eureka week, I wanted to fetch my things from someone’s place and had left my bike padlocked to a tree at the station. I came back and the bike had gone.”

From station Blaak to the university

So the Erasmus Magazine prize draw was a godsend. She saw that not many people had responded and grabbed her chance. To start with, she’ll be using her new bike to cycle from Blaak station to the university. Smit travels the train from Dordrecht, where she still lives. “And later it’ll be useful if I go to a party in Rotterdam.”