For the first time in history, two Erasmus University professors will deliver brief lectures at Universiteit van Nederland. Sigrid Hemels, a professor of tax law, will be lecturing on the indispensability of the Revenue and Customs Administration Agencies, while professor of business administration Mathijs van Dijk will be discussing investments in stocks and shares. Should or shouldn’t they be considered a game of chances?

mathijs van dijk
Image credit: Rotterdam School of Management

The lectures will be recorded at Club AIR in Amsterdam on 6 September. Each lecture will take fifteen minutes. Afterwards, members of the audience will be given the opportunity to meet the academics and ask questions.

Universiteit van Nederland is an organisation which posts Dutch academics’ lectures on YouTube every day. The lectures can be viewed free of charge. Tickets to attend the recording of the lectures cost €9.95 each.

How much does a good life cost?

In addition to Hemels and Van Dijk, three other academics will discuss the subject of money during the session. Philosopher Jelle van Baardewijk will tell spectators how much money they will need to lead a good life; econometrician Albert Menkveld will explain how the world economy may collapse in a split second; and psychologist Marcel Zeelenberg will demonstrate how greedy people are.

Sigrid Hemels
Sigrid Hemels Image credit: Nederlandse Documentatie Fiscaal Recht

Sigrid Hemels has been a full professor of tax law at the Erasmus School of Law since May 2010. In addition, she is a tax consultant with law firm Allen & Overy.

Mathijs van Dijk has spoken in front of a camera before; he did so at a TEDx meeting in Rotterdam in November 2014. He has been a full professor with the Rotterdam School of Management since 2012.


Mathijs van Dijk at the TEDx meeting. Source: