Phone, keys, wallet. It’s probably your mantra leaving your house. Let’s face it, of those three things, your phone is likely the most precious to you. Can you use your keys or wallet to play Candy Crush, Clash of Clans or Respawnables? No. Exactly.

This summer EM will explore a few popular phone games. Today Ranya Bellouki Vincent Willemse will kick it off and talk about their favorite phone games.

Ranya Bellouki (21) studies IBA, currently completing her third year, Moroccan

Telefoonspelletje – Ranya
Cooking Dash

“Hearthstone, Cooking Dash and Clash of Clans are the games I usually play when I’m on my phone. I’m into games design, so that is what attracts me first. The game becomes more interesting to me when it gets competitive. Eventually you have the chance to play with gamers around the world which makes it more fun. On some games, for instance Cooking Dash, there’s a small timer on the screen, so you know how much time that game session will take. I find that quite cool because then I can time how many sessions I can play. There’s no specific situation that prompts me to play. I play on trains or buses when I travel, for example, but also in class if I need a break.”

Vicent Willemse (22) studies the Premaster of Media, Culture and Society. He is half Dutch, half Philippino.

“The game I play most is Respawnables. Its simplicity is what captured me, there’s no strategy involved. Playing is a way to relieve stress. The game is a few years old, but I only recently got my hands on it. It’s not a pack game, more a loner game where your character roams different settings and shots. Moreover, I’ve downloaded an app called Gameboyd which allows me to play games like Pokémon or Supermario. I’m really hooked on these games. I prefer to play on the metro or in the train. It’s a good diversion.”