No member of Erasmus University’s executive team was careless or inaccurate when it came to claiming expenses. This was reported by Erasmus University Rotterdam in a letter to the Inspectorate of Education. The Inspectorate had asked the University to provide clarity on this matter after previously observing inaccuracies in the expense statements submitted for 2013 and 2014.

“In response to the request made by the Inspectorate of Education, we made a careful review of the claims to determine whether expense claims submitted by the members of the executive team also contained any inaccuracies. This was not the case. Every year, all expense claims submitted by our management-level staff are already checked by audit organisations. The Supervisory Board subsequently formally adopted the statements. The statements were checked a second time in response to the Inspectorate of Education’s request,” explains a University spokesperson in a written response.

Within the margin of error

It turns out none of the previously discovered inaccuracies were committed by members of the executive team. When an auditor checks expense claims, he or she observes a ‘reporting tolerance’ of 1 percent. In other words, as soon as an inaccuracy exceeds 1 percent of the claimed amount, the auditor is required to report this to the Ministry. None of the expense claims submitted for 2014 exceed this margin of error.