To this end, the Inspectorate of Education has asked four universities, including Erasmus University Rotterdam, to provide clarity regarding the expenses claimed by the members of their executive teams. This was reported by RTL Nieuws on Thursday afternoon.

Checking the annual accounts for 2013 and 2014, the University’s auditor discovered examples where the regulations for claiming expenses were not correctly observed. The Inspectorate of Education presently wishes to know whether such inaccuracies can also be found in the expense claims submitted by executive managers.

‘Carefully sort this out’

The same question was also posed to Utrecht University, Leiden University, University of Twente and four universities of applied sciences. The three universities have informed RTL Nieuws that no errors of this kind were made in the statements of expenses submitted by their executive managers.

In Rotterdam it has not yet been clearly established whether there were any inaccuracies in the claims submitted by the Executive Board. “We intend to carefully sort this out first,” says press information officer Jacco Neleman. Erasmus University Rotterdam needs to provide the Inspectorate with clarity regarding its executives’ expense claims by mid-June 2016.