Following a small and intimate, yet out and out successful mini-festival last year, the Modular| Music organisation opted to tackle it this year in a grander and improved way. With access to international headliners and diverse music styles on three different stages, and tickets at around 23 Euros each, those attending were ensured excellent value. The same could also be said about the official after-party, where for just 5 Euros you could chill out at club Bar

First impressions

After a couple of drinks to get things going, we head off to the festival in the afternoon, keeping our fingers crossed for some sunshine. It’s already rained quite a bit, and we’re not sure about the condition of the festival site. Full of enthusiasm, energy (and wearing old shoes), we arrive at the festival around an hour later, which considering the circumstances, looks great. Saying that, I’ll not mention the ground exposed to the elements just yet, as during the course of the day this turned into a veritable mud bath.

What strikes us next – aside from the great house and techno tunes – is the huge diversity in festival-goers. All ages, backgrounds and types converge here to enjoy an even more diverse music repertoire. And, the treats on hand–of all kinds, shapes and sizes —ensure that little extra connection and engagement with the music.


Good vibes only

kokosnoot modular music festival drankje
Image credit: Jeffrey Seij

We follow the standard routine—stuffing the safe full, going to the Portaloo, stocking up with small change, necking the first drink—and then commence on our first lap of the festival. We can’t resist the heavy beats resonating out of the large white tent (square stage), and they lure us inside. Despite the weather not being all that kind to us, all I see around me are big smiles!

Behind this tent there’s the smaller hexagon stage, where the techno tunes sound a little mellower and more like house music. Here too the ambience is all out fun, togetherness, cheerfulness, and now and again, a little disco.

Following a visit to the local fruit stall, we dance off with our bellies full of goodness to the third circle stage. This stage is hosted by Bar and, as anticipated, absolutely everyone is moving to the music, which was described on the spur-of-the-moment by a festival-goer as ‘a perfect tropical drink, straight out of a coconut’.

House hits and relentless stomping

Image credit: Modular|Music

The hours fly by and it’s nearly time again for the final hits of this already hugely successful festival. Once again we make our way to what is now known as the ‘stomping tent’, to hear the whole ingenious ROD set. For that matter, I get the notion that there’s a lot more going on here, but that’s another story. The drizzle outdoors, the intimacy within—and the music of course—all engender a unique mix of snugness and relentless stomping.

Lastly, the plan is to alternate between the highly experimental Âme and the legendary Luke Slater. You see, by now we’re ready for some chilled music, so that finally we can mow the grass one last time, thinking, ‘nothing’s too hard’.

Modular, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the bang-on trend sounds still ringing in my ears and it goes without saying … until next year!

Jeffrey Seij (19), public administration student at EUR, is mad about parties, festivals and everything in between. He’s delighted to share his experiences in reviews and he provides monthly tips on the best Rotterdam parties and festivals.


The next Modular | Music event will be held in collaboration with the by now infamous Harbour Union organisation, and will take place on 1 October. It will undoubtedly once again be a flawless, quality event, so make sure you keep the date free. Hope to see you there!