Writing a thesis is probably one of the most challenging and maybe the most stressful tasks of your university career. Part of the challenge is keeping your motivation and focus high when the humid, suffocating weather hits you mercilessly and your Facebook newsfeed is flooded by holiday photos. On a more positive note, know that “we are all in this together”, as Giulia Micozzi, Master student at RSM reminded us, quoting High School Musical’s evergreen slogan.


#1. Enjoy it anyway

Charlotte ten Have (22) Pre Master of Media, Culture and Society says her way to keep her head in the game is to “give herself something to look for”. She makes sure to plan time to enjoy the hot weather, in this way she motivates herself to stay focused on the thesis for the time being. She highlights the importance to give yourself a limited time frame to give in to the hot weather.

#2 Denial

The trick of Timo Bontenball (28) Master of Marketing Management not be tempted by the approaching summer weather is denial, denial and some more denial. In fact, Timo finds it helpful not to acknowledge that summer is coming and the sun is shining. To achieve this, he goes back to his hometown and studies in the library there. ’They have some nice and cool cabins. Most importantly, don’t look outside so your denial process will be more effective.’

#3. Isolate yourself

Although Giulia Micozzi (23), Master of Marketing Management, longs for a fresh lemonade while chilling in the sun, she has found an efficient way to keep that need at bay. During her “thesis period”, she finds it effective to isolate herself from the rest the world, in a fashion that reminds one of a hermit. She would not use her phone and all those inviting apps on it, including WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram

#4. Work together

According to Stijn van Venrooij (21) International Bachelor of Media and Communication, working together with a group of friends is a good way to keep each other motivated. Moreover, reminding herself of all the fun and outdoorsy things she would do once the thesis is completed is another trick she uses to keep her focus. Location plays an important role in fighting the hot weather. In her experience, working in buildings complete with air-conditioning helps her to overcome the “heat-issue”.

#5. Stay hydrated

Coming from a city in the south of Italy, Martina Pocchiari (22), Master of Marketing Management has all rights to consider herself an expert in studying in extremely hot weather conditions. Her first tip is to stay hydrated at all times. ’Do not indulge in alcoholic drinks as they will just make you feel worst.’ Is Martina’s suggestion. She opts for water or juice. Furthermore, set mini goals for yourself and commit to them, in this way you will feel rewarded each time.

Just think about this moment…