Vladimir keeps his hair away from his face, tied in a small bun. Wearing black from head to toe, the dark color palette only broken by the army green coat. Vladimir is 22 and studies Economics. Originally from Ukraine, his parents moved to the Netherlands before he was born.


“Versatile. That is one adjective to describe my style. Another one would be ‘not boring’. When I pick my clothes, I try to create an outfit that will make me stand out. What people wear is boring, not unique. Every one of us is one of a kind, therefore I believe this intrinsic quality should be reflected in one’s clothes. I don’t follow trends, I limit myself to pick up suitable clothes to fit the occasion and my mood. What I wear reflects my personality. Dark colors: dark blue, dark green and black are my colors, as you can see. My black jeans and my army green coat are staples in my daily outfit. My hair is also a way to express my style. Now, they are tied in a bun, some days I let them loose and a couple of years ago I had them very short.”



“Creativity is a part of me. From visual art to photography to writing. I write short stories and poems, my main influence being Russian literature. Nonetheless, photography is the sector I feel more comfortable with.  I want to pursue this passion of mine, so I applied to the Willem de Kooning Academie, which I will follow on top of my current study. What I am trying to do is to combine the world of economics and art. Learning how to be entrepreneurial through my Economics trainings to complement my art.”


“Collecting CDs is another passion of mine. I possess more than three hundred. My music taste ranges from David Bowie, to Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Radiohead and Talking Heads. Though, I listen to electronic music as well. The reason why I collect CDs has nothing to do with preserving sounds or supporting artists. In my opinion, CDs offer a glimpse of their owner’s personality. Just like books do when you see them displayed in someone’s house, I do the same with my CDs. The music I listen to might reflect my personality even better than my clothes do.”