The gloomy and rainy weather did not stop Yannis from keeping it cool. His beige rain coat and leather satchel stood out as he made his way through Woudestein. Yannis Muller is 19 and studies his first year at IBA. Born and raised in Luxembourg, he is half Moroccan from his mother side.



“Talking about clothes, I like to keep it classy with a hint of street style. I find suits, ties and elegant shoes (the pointy ones to be clear) really nice items that I would love to wear often. Nonetheless, I guess the whole outfit would come across as too much, especially because I am still 19, I am not a business man or something. Therefore I enjoy mixing classy items with more laid back, street style pieces to break the look. Now that I shaved off my hair, I used to have long hair before coming here, my bucket hat which I am wearing today is a staple in my wardrobe. I wear it all the time. Accessory wise I have to say my leather satchel bag that I have with me today. My pair of bourdeaux low cut Doc Martin is my favorite item.”

Image credit: Ronald van den Heerik


“I am a musician. I am originally a rock music fan. I learned to play the guitar and I have been part of a couple of rock bands back in Luxembourg. I shifted from classic rock preferences, such as ACDC and Guns n Roses, to garage rock or psychedelic rock. I find their imperfect tones and messy sounds much more creative and out of the ordinary than any other style. When I moved, I found myself being frustrated as I couldn’t find people to play with, I got into electronic instead. It is a sort of paradox as in the past I was one of those musicians who abhorred any technical and electronic components in music. Now, producing electronic music is cheaper and I can do it by myself, hence I shifted. Currently, I am trying to bridge electronic music and rock, integrating rock sounds to my electronic creations.”

Creative vein

“I am a big fan of photography. Especially analog and film cameras, such as Polaroid. I think it is all about the moment and what comes out of it is a surprise. I am genuinely interested in a lot of different things. I was involved in youth politics back in Luxembourg that is because I like to talk about the future, I also took part in business competitions and liked them a lot. This is why I chose IBA. Why didn’t I study music? I ask that to myself every single day. I think it is because I don’t want work and passion to mix. I want to do what I feel like with my music, no plans, no restrictions. I don’t want to be pushed in one way which is what studying music will lead me to.”