Most of us have been there, done that. Waking up with a terrible hangover, desperately reaching out for liters of water to calm your alcohol-caused dryness. Right in time for the weekend, EM gathered five quick and possibly effective tips to help you fight the nasty beast.

1. Drink milk

Drinking milk seemed to be a popular remedy among students as many mentioned it as one of their top tricks to overcome a hangover. “Whenever I have a hangover I drink a glass of milk.” says Alina Tserunian (25) student of International Business and Languages at Inholland University, “It always helps to get me on my feet.” Rumor has it that buttermilk does the work as well.

2. Drink A LOT of water

The most famous, but probably still the most effective tip is drinking loads of water during and after your drinking sessions. Sophie Korver (21) student of Psychology suggested “Drink a lot of water before going to sleep.” “I heard you should also drink a glass of water for every glass of alcohol you drank, but that is not always possible, especially when you are in a club” said Maarten Stehouwer (21) Business Administration student.

3. Eat some fatty and greasy food

Another popular one is eating greasy food right after or the day after your hangover. “What helps me is eating fried eggs with bacon or the likes. Other greasy food might also help.” shared Donovan Plak (21) Business Administration student. Denise van Bokker (20) Psychology student agreed “I always eat a Turkish pizza when I have a hungover and of course I drink a lot of water afterwards.”

4. One word: 'Carbs'

Maarten Stehouwer (21) carried on “I suggest to have a good meal before going out partying or just before a night of heavy drinking. I mean, have a nice dish of pasta or any carbohydrates really. That will definitely help.” Maarten felt like sharing a drinking tip too, “Do not mix different kind of drinks, or at least try to limit the amount of mixes. And stay away from tequila.”

5. Milkshakes and “AAs”

The list couldn’t have been complete without some more extravagant solutions. Donovan Plak (21) continued “I drink an “AA” drink in the morning. I find that it really helps me.” Mike Borst who is 21 and studies Business Administration added “I drink a milkshake before going to bed. For some reason that helps.”