Rajiv can’t believe EM has picked him. “If you really want” – he replies when we ask to make an article about him – “I am a bit hungover today, hope that is not a problem.” Rajiv Autar is a 20 year old Law student at EUR. He was born in Dordrecht, but his parents are originally from Suriname.


“I think my style is quite easy going.  I like to dress comfortable, depending on how I feel at the moment. I like to feel like myself in my clothes, if that makes sense. For instance, today I am a bit sleepy and tired, so I threw on some sweat pants that are all warm and fuzzy, they feel nice on my skin and that is what I need now. The cap I am wearing today is something that is a staple in my wardrobe. I wear it around quite often, especially when I go to watch Feyenoord play. When I go to a game, I like to wear jeans, once again I like to dress according to the occasion. I think one of my most praised possessions clothing-wise is a T-shirt from my friend’s brand. I like to wear it as it makes me feel part of a group, when people see me wearing it they know that I am part of it and that makes me feel proud.”

Image credit: Ronald van den Heerik


“I am a really big fan of Feyenoord football club. I have always been. My father or my grandfather used to take me to the matches when I was just a baby. When I was nothing more than a toddler, my parents got me a seasonal pass. At the beginning I would always attend the home matches, but lately I have been going to the away games as well. I love the club and all, but it is not only that, I love the atmosphere and the group of friends that I got to meet through it. We really support each other and are always there for one another. I really enjoy the social aspect of going to a match.”

Los Angeles

“Once I finished high school I did not want to start university right away, I wanted to take some more time to decide what to do, therefore I decided to go to L.A. I lived there for half a year while I attended community college. It was a great experience. I took some subjects there that I could have never studied here, for instance black history and golf. The system works that you choose your subjects as you wish, there is an amount of credits that you have to achieve and you have to manage yourself on how to get them, yet you decide how tough to make it on yourself. It was only a temporary thing and when I came back it was a bit hard for me to get back to my old lifestyle. Now, it feels as natural as it can be.”