“My style is a mix of sporty clothes and more put together pieces. I like to think that my style is casual, but still paying attention to what I wear. Sort of effortless, but still comfortable. I honestly don’t take style to seriously, I don’t follow trends, although I really like late 90s/00s fashion sense. When I was younger I used to be way more into fashion. I worked as a model between 14 and 16 years old, I even travelled to New York a few times. You could say my style was a bit classier back then, more studied. I was too young for the fashion world, I still hadn’t formed myself as a person. It is not a healthy environment to grow up in, so I stopped. I am not a fan of brands either. My wardrobe staples are hoodies and coats.

“When you are on your own in another country it’s tough, but you get to know your true self” Image credit: Ronald van den Heerik

Free Time

“I love going out with my friends and meeting new people. I try to make time for that as I am really busy between school and work. Also, clubs in the Netherlands are quite expensive compared to Germany. They are too much oriented towards making money. You have to pay for everything and once you are in the club you cannot go out and come back in whenever you want. At the moment I really like BAR, the atmosphere there is very chilled. I really like listening to music during my free time, I am really into it. I listen to techno, hip-hop and 90s music. I have to say that travel is also one of my favorite hobbies. I am really interested in learning about different cultures. Unfortunately, I haven’t travelled much yet, but I am planning to fix that.”


“One of the few places I have travelled to is India. I have been there last year, before starting university and I stayed for three months in the south of the country. I travelled on my own which is an amazing experience. I lived out of a backpack and I did not care about how I looked one bit. I never looked at myself in the mirror, it was rather liberating. It was a true adventure. I got to know myself on a whole new level, that’s what happens when you travel alone. I loved the experience. In spite of what people might think the place wasn’t dangerous, I faced no issues while travelling alone.”