Reyhan Cigdem lists the best parties and activities for students. As a third-year criminology student, she’s quite a connoisseur of Rotterdam. To get the most out of Rotterdam’s vibrant dynamism, she’s always out and about, exploring and experiencing the city’s many different places, and indeed its parties. Each week, she shares this passion for the city with you by presenting a personal selection of the cool, the cultured, or the just plain fun.



Chill Given that the rest of the week can be rather exhausting, my chill tip for this week is very much about tranquillity and a recharging of the soul. This Tuesday and Friday, you can enjoy an interval organ concert and a tour at Laurenskerk. And yes, the concert does indeed take place during an interval, namely lunch. If you’re looking for a short but nevertheless enriching break, simply head to the pews and relax to classical music. As a recurring event, the concert also takes place on other Tuesdays. On Friday, a tour is given by the Guild of Rotterdam (Gilde Rotterdam, a volunteer organisation). Built between approximately 1449 and 1525, there is much of interest to see in the church. It is one of Rotterdam’s oldest buildings. Those who wish to take part in the tour must register in advance.

Interval organ concert and tour // Tuesday, 26 April, 12.15 and Friday, 29 April, 14.00 // Laurenskerk // free admission

Time Machine in Annabel

FlexerTijdmachine (Time Machine) is a party that features hit songs from the 1950s to the present. The music is accompanied by visuals. Beyoncé will be heading the bill, so many of her songs will be played. The place opens at 23.59 and the Time Machine starts at 01.00. The guests will share a musical journey through the decades. The variety means that there’s something for everybody. In addition, dedicated fans among us can head to Annabel before entering the Time Machine.

Annabel is Rotterdam’s premier music venue. Recently refurbished, it can now truly host the best concerts and parties. Annabel winks at the city, and the city is only too happy to flirt in return.

Tijdmachine // Friday, 29 April, 23.59 // Annabel // admission €10

De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig

De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig

Loudest Vjèze Fur, Willie Wartaal and Faberyayo are now well-known names to most of us. I am of course referring to De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, which will be performing in Annabel on Friday evening. We can certainly expect to hear hits like ‘Watskeburt!?’, ‘Sterrenstof’, ‘Een Barkie’ and ‘De Formule’. Songs from the new album Manon will no doubt also be performed. In other words, it promises to be quite an evening. And if you still want more, simply continue the party at Time Machine (please see above).

De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig - Manon Source:

De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig // Friday, 29 April, 20.00 // Annabel // admission €25