The referendum about the EU-Ukraine association agreement saw voters in the C hall (Theil building) go against the national and Rotterdam trend, as indicated by the definitive voting results for each polling station issued by the Rotterdam municipal authorities.

In all, 351 voters reported to Erasmus University’s polling station, 346 of whom were legally allowed to cast a vote. Two of them opted to cast a blank vote. In all, 234 voters supported the agreement, while 110 rejected it. As a result, the ‘yes’ camp won the EUR ballot, having received 67.6 percent of the votes.

Other way round

(Klik op het pijltje naast EUR om de resultaten op de campus te vergelijken met de Rotterdamse en landelijke uitslag.)

In Rotterdam as a whole, the percentages were the other way round, with 63.9 percent of voters rejecting the agreement. In this regard, the Rotterdam results were very much in line with national results (i.e., 61.1 percent of voters rejecting the agreement).

Incidentally, it was found earlier that a majority of voters in university towns such as Groningen, Leiden, Wageningen, Nijmegen and Utrecht had voted in favour of the association agreement.