From 30 March to 8 April the EFR sponsored Business Week took place all over Rotterdam. The initiative is already in its 32th year and over this period of time it has grown to become one of the largest and most prestigious students-organized conference in Europe.

Attendees at the business week had the chance to take part in diverse business-related activities, ranging from conferences, to cases-solving competitions to branch bootcamps. The event organized by the Erasmus School of Economics students association has an international scope which is not only reflected in the pool of international personalities attending the workshops and conferences, but also by the location, hosting events in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Dublin.

Startup day

One of the many events organized during the week was the Startup day. This kind of event is a recent addition to the business week calendar and the organizing committee declared themselves satisfied with the numbers of participants. However, the hosting location could only fit a restricted amount of students which, for an event with such wide reach, might turn out to be counterproductive.  Located at the Rotterdam Science Tower, the event targeted to put students in contact with startups in different phases of their growth cycle. Students had the chance to meet up and exchange opinions with key players, while sitting at the same table.


During the business week, attendees had the chance to expand their network through connecting with a multitude of successful companies, both on a national and international level. Students, a preponderant part being EFR active members, took part in the various events offered during the week.  David (20) who attended the World of Business conference at the beginning of the week, was positively impressed by the event. “It gave me motivation to achieve my goals and stay true to myself” he stated. Interestingly, several other students joined David in the appraisal of the event contributing to the glossy image that has been built around the event.

Starup day 2 photo Giorgia
Another one of the Startup day speakers in action