Reyhan Cigdem has put together a list of the best parties and activities for students, especially for you. As a 3rd year criminology student, she’s already had plenty of time to discover and experience the delights of Rotterdam. And to really get out the best of it, she goes everywhere and anywhere, and, of course, tries to go to as many parties as possible. She shares this passion with you every week with her personal selection of all the fun things Rotterdam has to offer.

Swan Market + Snuffelmarkt

Swan Market Rotterdam

ChillThere are at least two great markets to visit on Monday 28 March. The first is the Swan Market, the name of which might sound familiar as it regularly makes an appearance in Rotterdam. It is always held at a different location each time and, given that spring is now officially here, on Monday it will take place in the Museumpark. The Swan Market is famous for its many stalls packed full of (mostly) hipster accessories. Don’t assume it’s a second-hand flea market; far from it. Here you’ll find lots of design and handcrafted products, so it’s a guaranteed feast for the eyes. Thankfully, there are still plenty of things to be found at a reasonable price, as well as many food stalls and live music.

If you would rather go to a second-hand market, then you should check out the Snuffelmarkt in Rotterdam Blijdorp. Here you’ll find plenty of vintage stuff, and maybe even grandma’s old jewellery box or that old painting you’ve been looking for. Entry is completely free and it has much more atmosphere than a standard flea market. True market lovers can, of course, pay a visit to both!

Swan Market and Snuffelmarkt // Monday 28 March from 11:00 until 17:00 (both) // Museumpark (Swan Market) and Statenweg 99 (Snuffelmarkt) // entry € 2.00 (Swan Market) and free (Snuffelmarkt)

Kunstavond with tour of the Kunstblock


FlexerAnother recurring event on the first Friday of the month is the Kunstavond in the Witte de Withkwartier. Just as the name suggests, this event is all about art. The idea is that special evening exhibitions will be held at various locations, where collections of modern art will be put on display. Here, you can expect to come across anything from visual arts, music, photography and film.

You can also take a tour of the Kunstblock; an hour-long tour where a guide will take you around a number of installations and explain the pieces of art on show. If you are interested in doing this, be sure to register at the reception desk at Witte de With Center of Contemporary Art. The whole evening, including tour, is free, so you have plenty of money left over for a few beers at one of the many cafés in de Witte de Withstraat.

Kunstavond // Friday 1 April from 18:00 until 21:00, with tours from 19:00 until 20:00 // Witte de Withkwartier // Free entry

Official After-party hosted by Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller

HardestHe might still be an unknown entity for the general public, but for real hip-hop, R&B and soul fans, Bryson Tiller is one name not to be missed. He released his debut album, Trapsoul, at the end of last year, and with it introduced a new genre of music. The 23-year-old American has already worked with big names such as Timbaland and Drake, and is definitely one to watch. We will no doubt be hearing much more from him in the future.


On Saturday 2 April he will be performing at the Melkweg in Amsterdam, but he will be making his way to Rotterdam to host the official after-party in Club Blu. This club was recently opened in August 2015, and is located where the Eclipse club used to be, near the Alexandrium. This might not be the most accessible of places for university students to find, but I invite you all to spread the word and check out the suburbs of Rotterdam for a change, where you can dance ‘til the early hours. Definitely don’t miss out on this one because you think it will be hard to get to: metro and train stations are only a short walk away.

Bryson Tiller // Saturday 2 April from 23:00 until 05:00 // Club Blu // Entry € 25.00