Next month marks the start of the Dutch College League, an e-sports tournament for students. It will be the Netherlands’ very first gaming competition to be broadcast live on Fox Sports.

The Dutch College League will start with six gaming teams, fielded by four Dutch student clubs that focus on e-sports – from Delft, Nijmegen, Eindhoven and Tilburg. Two five-member teams will battle it out in a series of matches playing the game ‘League of Legends’.

Live television broadcasts

The gaming tournament will be organised into two divisions – a Premier League and a Talent League – and will run from 5 April to 14 June. Every week, the top teams in the Premier League will compete against each other at a Hilversum cinema, so that the matches can also be enjoyed by a live audience. Pay TV channel Fox Sports will be broadcasting the competition live.

As of last Tuesday, other student teams are also welcome to enter the tournament. So far, no teams from Rotterdam have applied, according to an email from a YoungCapital spokesperson. The YoungCapital recruitment agency will be the Dutch College League’s main sponsor for the next three years.