“During Eureka week, I joined up with my introduction group and went to all the parties. At each society, there was a machine in which you put coins in return for tokens. Paying with tokens instead of money was something I’d never experienced in Sydney.

Coming to the Netherlands was a big step for me. I’d never been to Europe and had always lived with my parents until then. So the first week in the Netherlands was a huge shock. Suddenly I had to all my own shopping, decide for myself when I was going to bed and when to get up and cook for myself. I felt lost; I didn’t even know where the supermarket was. Now I feel at home here. In fact, I’m even considering coming back to do my master. In January I’m returning to Sydney to finish my bachelor.

The great thing about my time as an international student is that I planned every moment with fun outings, holidays and activities like visits to museums. Things which I ought to do in Australia too. Crazy that you don’t usually take  the time to explore your own country. It’s something you don’t realise until you live somewhere else. The most important thing I learned in the Netherlands is to have an open mind. There’s a relaxed atmosphere in the Netherlands. Everyone lets each other be themselves. If you want to do something, you do it. I like that attitude.”